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4Lean na Logistics & Distribuition Trade Fair Madrid 2017

4Lean na Logistics & Distribuition Trade Fair Madrid 2017 4Lean na Logistics & Distribuition Trade Fair Madrid 2017

4Lean School Assembly Training

Today, our experts shared some assembly techniques at 4Lean facilities.

Workstation Design: 4th of April of 2017

During the day, we learned how to dimension and build our own workstation using 4Lean's Mockup system.

4Lean workstations


March 30th, 2017
Today, 4LEAN presented and trained 4LeanCAD to their customers.
A easy to use 3D software.


4Lean once more attended MECSPE, Parma, 23 to 25th March. It was a great display of all our new lean solutions!

Parma EMAF 4Lean

EMAF 2016

4Lean attended EMAF on the 23th to 26th November 2016
4Lean together with other member companies of Lean Excellence Center attended Emaf (Porto).
Its was a success, with many companies passing by our stand. Thanks for your visit.

4Lean_EMAF2016_02 4Lean_EMAF2016_01


4Lean_BIEMH2016_02 4Lean_BIEMH2016_01

Jornada World Class 2016 da Asenta - Barcelona

4Lean na Jornada World Class 2016 da Asenta - Barcelona - 25 de Maio de 2016

4Lean_daasenta2016_2 4Lean_daasenta2016_1

Jornada World Class 2016 da Asenta - Santiago de Compostela

4Lean na Jornada World Class 2016 da Asenta - Santiago de Compostela - 10 de Maio de 2016



4Lean na MECSPE 2016

mecspe_2016_2 mecspe_2016_1

Exposalão Batalha 2015

A 4Lean mais uma vez aposta nas feiras do sector indústrial para dar a conhecer as novas soluções. A 4Lean em conjunto com o Lean Excellence Center esteve presente nos dias 28 a 1 de Outubro de 2015 na Exposalão - Batalha


Ferroforma 2015

4Lean attended the Ferroforma in Spain from the 26th to the 29th of May 2015



4Lean attended the MECSPE in Italy from the 26th to the 28th of March 2015


EMAF 2014

4Lean attended the EMAF at Exponor in Portugal from the 19th to the 22th of November 2014


BIEMH 2014

For the second consecutive year 4Lean was present at this international trade fair. This is one of the biggest events of European logistics. Compared to last year we tripled the size of the stand and present many of the solutions developed in the last year as visual management products.


MECSPE in Parma 2014

In 2014 we continue to consolidate our presence in strategic markets.
4Lean was present at the fair MECSPE in Parma, held on 27-29th of March 2014


LogiMAT in Stuttgart 2013

4Lean was present at one of the biggest logistics fairs in Europe, LogiMAT (International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling, and Information Flow). It was one more step for the expansion of our products to new markets and to solidify our position, in Europe, as the best supplier for Lean materials and structures.


The Factory of the Future - Conference in Reggio Emilia

On last May 15, 2012, 4Lean, held a conference on 'The Factory of the Future', which shows a variety of Lean Solutions. As guests were Carlo Ratto, Kaizen Institute Country Manager Italy, and Giancarlo Gavioli, Quality and Continuous Improvement Director of Comer Industries.


The Factory of the Future - Conference in Almada

4Lean Conference on 'The Factory of the Future' - Almada - April 19, 2012


The Factory of the Future - Conference in Ghent

4Lean sucessfully conducted its Lean Solutions Conference at Ghent, Belgium, on March 19, 2012, with the theme centered on the 'Factory of the Future'. Several Lean directors from multinationals, such as Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Trucks, Daikin, among other, attended.


EMAF (International Machine Tool and Acessories Exhibition) in Porto

4Lean at EMAF - International Machine Tool and Acessories Exhibition


Lean Challenges Conference in Porto

4Lean at Lean Challenges Conference at AEP